Which Vegas NightClubs?


Confused on what nightclubs to check out? You’re not alone. Las Vegas is now literally the undisputed nightlife capital of the world, and there are so many excellent (and some terrible) nightlife choices for you to choose from that it can leave even the most confident of partiers with their head spinning. Fortunately you’ve found some expert friends in the Vegas nightlife scene and we’ve simply broken down where to go by night, location and based on all of the major questions that people usually send our way.

Before you start making your schedules, there are a few things you should definitely keep in mind:

      • Don’t be afraid to visit our nightlife on non-weekend nights, as there is always something good going on around town. In fact, most of the time, a nightclub’s “Industry Night” — the night where they invite locals and employees of other nightclubs, tend to have slightly fewer people while maintaining a better quality crowd. And by quality, we mean you’ll be swimming in hotties.
      • If you are really eager and are planning your nightlife over 90 days in advance, feel free to look around and get an idea of where you might like to go, but things change quickly in Las Vegas – so always check back closer to your trip.
      • Remember that JackColton.com features the only complete list of free direct host and guest list contacts in existence, so be sure and check out those out as well.


Sunday night provides one of the greatest varieties of nightlife options in Las Vegas! Those looking for the busiest parties will unquestionably want to check out The Bank inside Bellagio, Hakkasan at MGM Grand or Omnia at Caesars Palace. Looking for an evening pool party? Check out XS for Sunday Night Swim (seasonal) or Eclipse at Daylight. SLS’s LiFE has its Indusrty Sundays, and Drai’s inside The Cromwell is open for your nightclub at 10p.m. and afterhours after 1AM.

The Bank: Located inside Bellagio, Doors open at 10:30. Cover $30, Local’s Free.
Drais: Located inside The Cromwell, Doors at 10PM, Men $30, Women $20, Guest List $20, Local Ladies Free.
LiFE: Located inside the SLS Las Vegas, Doors open at 10PM, Men $30, Women $20.
Hakkasan: Located inside MGM Grand, Doors open at 10PM, Men $20, Women $20.
XS: Located inside Wynn, Doors open at 11PM, Men $30, Women $20, Local’s Free.
Omnia: Located inside Caesars Palace, Doors open at 10:30, Men $50, Women $40.


Marquee and XS are two of the Originals — and unquestionably two of the most talked about, nightclubs on planet earth. Fortunately for clubgoers, these two nightlife superstars duke it out every Monday for who can throw the best party; which means an escalation for who has the best performances, programming, and celebrity hosts!

Marquee: Located inside Cosmopolitan, Check schedule for DJs, Doors open at 10PM, Men $30, Women $20, Locals Free.
XS: Located inside Wynn Las Vegas, Check schedule for DJs, Doors open at 10PM, Men $30, Women $20, Locals Free.


If you were thinking Tuesday was going to be a pretty ‘weak night,’ think again. Tuesday in Las Vegas is the battle of the industry night as three excellent venues battle it out and host events which invite tourists, locals, and nightlife industry members out for the party. Check out, Drai’s at The Cromwell, taste of Lost Angeles at Hyde inside Bellagio or Omnia at Caesars Palace.

Drais: The Cromwell, Doors at 10:30PM, Cover $30.
Hyde: Bellagio, Doors at 10:30PM, Cover $30.
Omnia: Caesars Palace, Doors open at 10:30PM, Cover $50 Men, $40 Women.


Wednesday night offers more of a distinct variety of nightlife options as Surrender at Wynn has a very beautiful outdoor pool area, also your high-energy intimate nightclub, Light Nightclub inside Mandalay Bay or the beautiful outdoor rooftop at Chateau.

Chateau: Paris, Doors open at 10pm.
Surrender: Wynn, Doors open at 10pm.
Light Nightclub: Mandalay Bay, Doors open at 10pm.


Thursday night in Las Vegas provides four excellent nightclub options: Tao, Tryst, Hakkasan, and Drais. Since all these venues are similarly sized and target much the same nightlife crowd, you’ll want to pay close attention to the event schedule at each venue as you decide which best suits your taste for the night.

Drai’s: Cromwell, Doors at 10:30PM, Men $30, Women $20, Local Industry Free.
Tao: Venetian, Doors at 10:30PM, Men $30, Women $20, Local Industry Free.
Tryst: Wynn, Doors at 10:30PM, Men $30, Women $20, Local Industry Free.
Hakkasan: MGM Grand, Doors at 10:30PM, Men $30, Women $20, Local Industry Free.


While Fridays in Las Vegas are usually at least somewhat slower than Saturdays, you can expect that most all major Las Vegas nightclubs will generally be very busy. And since weekends in Las Vegas bring in a greater number of national and international tourists than weekdays, we will let you in on a little trend: there isn’t always a huge difference in the quality of the weekend crowd from one club to the next.

As a rule of thumb, Saturdays are your busiest nights at most all nightclubs. Lines are longer, table minimums are higher and any club worth going to will be absolutely packed.


Bellagio The Bank
Bellagio Hyde
Caesars Palace Omnia Nightclub
Cosmopolitan Marquee
The Cromwell Drais Beach Club/Nightclub
Hard Rock Hotel Body English
Luxor LAX
Mandalay Bay Light
Mirage 1OAK
MGM Grand Hakkasan
MGM Grand Beachers Madhouse
Paris Chateau
SLS Foxtail
SLS Sayers Club
Venetian Tao Nightclub
Wynn Surrender
Wynn Tryst Nightclub
Wynn XS


Downtown Las Vegas has come a long way in recent years, and can be a great alternative for those who are looking for more of a relaxed bar hopping atmosphere. Most all relevant Downtown bars and nightclubs are located in the area known as “East Fremont,” and are all known for their lower prices, relaxed doors, lack of dress code, and approachability. Bonus? You can wander around on Fremont Street, see the light show, ride the zip line, and be a total unapologetic Vegas tourist for a night.

Beauty Bar
Downtown Cocktail Room
Hennessey’s Tavern
Insert Coins
The Griffin
Vanguard Lounge


A question most often emailed from those planning their Las Vegas entertainment itinerary is “which club has the most girls?” The answer, of course, is based completely on the luck of the draw. You’ll go to a particular club one week and have it look like Hugh Hefner’s birthday party, only to find it closer to a Men’s bathroom at a Nascar race the next.

Because of this, there really isn’t a good consistent answer for finding the hottest girls at any one spot. It isn’t something anyone can predict. Your odds will always be improved at the newer and more popular clubs, because, in general, better looking crowds tend to go to those venues.


Unless your friends are spending money on table service, nightclubs enjoying having bachelor parties inside of them about as much as fluffy the kitten likes being thrown into the bathtub. And we can’t really blame them, as it would seem that nobody likes to be surrounded by a bunch of dudes in a nightclub. If your bachelor party consists of more than eight (8) buddies and you don’t have a lot of $$$ to throw around, you might consider skipping the club and sticking to dinner, strip clubs, and the like.


The groom might not be having much luck getting into the clubs due to his unfortunate affliction of being born with a penis, but the bachelorette and her screaming friends will find the clubs more than eager to accommodate their parties in any way that they can. On the main page of JackColton.com, you’ll find a handy list on the right side of the page that provides you the direct contact of all of the bachelorette coordinators for the major nightclubs. They will be extremely accommodating towards getting you and your female friends in their venues.

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