Our goal is pretty simple. Provide the information that we would want to know if the shoe were on the other foot, and help setup the conversations, free direct access and ability to purchase the necessary tickets and products to make a Las Vegas trip as perfectly outrageous as our visitors want to have. Launched in March of 2006, JackColton.com is often regarded as the leading Las Vegas nightlife resource for guides, recommendations, free direct reservation contacts, and for providing a very active open discussion amongst thousands-upon-thousands of Las Vegas enthusiasts. As of April 2012, JackColton.com has had over 7,000,000 visitors.

Additionally, we proudly work very closely with every major nightlife management company on the Las Vegas Strip to develop memorable events, assist in communicating their schedules, and to serve as a liaison for the unbiased customer feedback that comes from our vast web audience.


We receive an average of 3,000 – 5,000 daily visitors throughout our site, with approximately 2,000 of those visitors discussing their past and upcoming Las Vegas trips on our discussion boards. Much like Las Vegas itself, our visitors come to us from all over, with our primary feeder markets being Southern California, Texas, New York, Miami, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia.


JackColton.com develops and hosts between 40 and 60 annual signature events at most every relevant nightclub and pool party on The Strip. Some of our more popular parties are the annual celebration of the Most Beautiful People in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Sex Symbols, Nightlife Awards, Nightlife Entertainment Awards, May Invasion, Host Awards, Sexiest BFFs, 9-to-5: Because Partying is a Fulltime Job, and The Vegas Industry Roasts.


Our site has been extremely fortunate to receive no shortage of positive national and international press coverage over the years. MSNBC, Forbes, The Today Show, Robin Leach, ABC, CBS, Washington Times, LA Times, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and the Travel Channel are just a handful of the major names we’ve interviewed in.


After serving as a nightclub marketing manager in the early days of the modern Las Vegas nightlife scene, the namesake of this site, Jack Colton, observed the need for a better class of online information for those who were planning their Las Vegas nightlife online, and used his previous experience in the dot com boom to build a unique brand that answered all the questions he would want to know if he weren’t a local, and one that, as eccentric as it is, isn’t always about making the most money.  You can check out his newest venture at startupstud.com.

In addition to JackColton.com, Colton’s Las Vegas insight has been featured in hundreds of local, national and international media outlets, including ABC News, Associated Press, MSNBC, Las Vegas Weekly, TMZ, Seven Magazine, Vegas Magazine, AOL, Forbes, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Travel Channel, VH1, Daily Mail, Boston Globe, and even a few dozen in international inflight magazines.


A nine year veteran of the Las Vegas nightlife scene that has served as a Marketing Director for Light Group venues including Bare Pool, Liquid, and The Bank, in April 2012, Kalika Moquin joined JackColton.com full time as a Partner of the site and President of Operations, and currently oversees all local-driven events, merchandising, brand management, and our national growth.

Jack Colton